Our Chapter History


In early February of 2004, Terri Byrne decided it was high time the Lubbock community had a chapter of National Charity League – Terri had learned of the organization from friends around Texas who lived in larger cities. Terri began seeking other interested mothers and daughters in our community. Ann Howey played a key role, joining the effort early and helping with the initial outreach for the new chapter.

In mid-February, NCL, Inc. sent national representative Linda Martens to Lubbock to help host an informational meeting at Terri’s house. By the end of March, there were enough mother and daughter pairs interested to form a chapter. The formation meeting was held on March 28th – at that time 28 mothers and their daughters agreed to form the new chapter and the first board of directors was named.

In April, the NCL, Inc. approved the chapters request and granted the Lubbock Chapter prospective status making it, officially, the 118th chapter of NCL (today NCL chapters number well over 200 and new chapters are being formed around the country). The first official board meeting was held on April 22nd  of 2004.

Today, the Lubbock Chapter boasts nearly 300 members and established a  Sustainer Group in late 2016. The organization’s Active and Provisional members are mothers and their daughters who are in the seventh through twelfth grades. Currently, there is only one chapter of NCL, Inc. in Lubbock.

Our founding board members were:

Terri Byrne, President
Tiffany Fowler, VP Membership
Angi Nail, VP Ticktocker
Ann Howey, VP Philanthropy
Gayle Albers, VP Patroness
Deon Turner, VP Communications
Mary Frances Baucum, Treasurer
Suzanne Blake, Secretary
Liane Locke, Parliamentarian
Ann Gibbins, National Chapter Advisor

Lubbock Chapter Past Presidents:

Terri Byrne 2004-2005
X, 2005-2006
X, 2006-2007
X, 2007-2008
X, 2008-2009
X, 2009-2010
X, 2010-2011
Shay Troutman, 2012-2103
Cray Pickering, 2013-2014
Jennifer Bassett, 2014-2015
Donna Giovannetti, 2015-2017

Wendy Arnett, 2017-